About EscrowCrypto

We specialise in providing escrow solutions for companies and individual all around the world. Using an experienced custodial service such as ourselves is the safest and most efficient way to deal with purchasing or selling products and services of high monetary value. All funds are insured and held until both parties involved complete their end of the respective deal or process at hand. This ensures that each company or individual knows where their funds are at all times and are certain to receive the product or service promised. We specialize in providing escrow solutions for companies and individuals for worldwide payments. By virtue of our extensive custodial relationships, many of which span multiple decades, we deliver a very efficient, effective and rewarding escrow experience to our clients. To date, Escrow Crypto has acted as a custodian for transactions in excess of £ 1.25 billion.
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What We Provide

We provide you with reliable means of carrying out transactions. You don't have to be afraid of getting swindled,now you can be sure your funds are safe with us and you only part with it when you authorize.

Conduct Transaction in Very Easy Steps

Agree Terms

Buyer and Seller agree to terms of their transactions.

Transfer funds

Buyer transfers funds into escrow to secure funds

Seller Performs

Seller performs obligation under the transaction.

Seller gets paid

Funds are transferred to the seller from the escrow

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Have a look at our numbers, you can trust us to continue keeping your funds safe